Book of Shadows: Buffomet + Sequel Book

Realized earlier today while working on the sequel (!) artbook’s cover that I’d never posted the full cover for Book of Shadows: Buffomet anywhere. I think this was one of my first entirely-made-in CSP pieces? I still like how the chains on the nipple rings lay on the stomach there.

In less than two weeks we’ll be launching the crowdfund for the second book in the BoS series: Paradise Lust! An anthology of the horniest and holiest illustrations by some of the best in the biz right now. Keep an eye out for more details soon by signing up on our Backerkit landing page!

SPX 2023

Bethesda, Maryland! I will be at the Small Press Expo from Sept 9th-10th at booth W31B with copies of Golden Trick, my Filthy Figments one-shots, the elusive Poorcraft Cookbook, and more. If you swing by my booth you can get a Cartoonist Cooperative stamp rally card- fill it out and get yourself some free comics and a miniprint out of it!

BWPcon 2023

Map of the BWPcon layout with their catboy mascot pointing at my table.

I will be at the one day minicon BWPCon at Books With Pictures this Saturday! I’ll have the usual spread of comics, pins, and other delightful homosexual tchotchkes. Come say hi!!


Always come prepared with the right tools, regardless of where your hookup is.

Posted on the Patreon back in January. 5+ years of erotic comics and art for $5 a month.

39 Steps Underground Ch 2

39 Steps Underground chapter two has started over on! Ignacio’s journey to learn how to become A Cool Dom from Oliver continues.

…Technically it started a month ago, but I always forget to crosspost 39SU art for some reason. Really do like how the bow of the lip came out on Iggy- I shied away from getting super detailed with faces for a while for uncanny valley reasons, but I think I’m getting better at it recently.


Mandatory Overtime

An older businessman has gotten daring with his exhibitionism kink by wearing elaborate rope under his clothes at work. Little does he realize that one of his oldest office mates is an experienced rope artist with a sharp eye for subs in the wild…!

Mandatory Overtime is now available as a hi-res PDF in the shop (if you’re a Patron, you get this comic for free)! This comic was originally in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver back in October 2019.