39 Steps Underground Ch 2

39 Steps Underground chapter two has started over on FilthyFigments.com! Ignacio’s journey to learn how to become A Cool Dom from Oliver continues.

…Technically it started a month ago, but I always forget to crosspost 39SU art for some reason. Really do like how the bow of the lip came out on Iggy- I shied away from getting super detailed with faces for a while for uncanny valley reasons, but I think I’m getting better at it recently.


Mandatory Overtime

An older businessman has gotten daring with his exhibitionism kink by wearing elaborate rope under his clothes at work. Little does he realize that one of his oldest office mates is an experienced rope artist with a sharp eye for subs in the wild…!

Mandatory Overtime is now available as a hi-res PDF in the shop (if you’re a Patron, you get this comic for free)! This comic was originally in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver back in October 2019.


Split Check Update – 05.26.21

Trying to actually put my money where my mouth is when I whinge about how nobody updates their personal websites anymore/how much I dislike social media/etc etc etc.

There’s new Split Check pages up on Slipshine and on the patron website! There’s also 5 new Deja Vu pages on Filthy Figments.

Read the latest Split Check pages every week at http://members.slipshine.net or start reading by signing up on http://patreon.com/itsnero . Deja Vu can be read at https://filthyfigments.com , and updates with 5 pages near the end of the month.