39 Steps Underground Ch 2

39 Steps Underground chapter two has started over on FilthyFigments.com! Ignacio’s journey to learn how to become A Cool Dom from Oliver continues.

…Technically it started a month ago, but I always forget to crosspost 39SU art for some reason. Really do like how the bow of the lip came out on Iggy- I shied away from getting super detailed with faces for a while for uncanny valley reasons, but I think I’m getting better at it recently.


Mandatory Overtime

An older businessman has gotten daring with his exhibitionism kink by wearing elaborate rope under his clothes at work. Little does he realize that one of his oldest office mates is an experienced rope artist with a sharp eye for subs in the wild…!

Mandatory Overtime is now available as a hi-res PDF in the shop (if you’re a Patron, you get this comic for free)! This comic was originally in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver back in October 2019.


Fuck Me Running (new webcomic!)

Muhammed and Arata are both marathon runners who’ve on-again-off-again fuck buddies for years. After one gets a rude awakening, that might not last much longer…

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Updating monthly exclusively on Filthy Figments, Fuck Me Running is a (horny) love letter to all those sports comics that could’ve had sweaty gay t4t sex but didn’t.

Tabula Idem Anthology – The Lovers

About a year back I completed my comic for the Tabula Idem anthology– a queer comics anthology structured around the Major Arcana of the tarot. Each author submitted both a comic and a tarot card for a deck that came with the anthology (for Kickstarter backers and some lucky convention-goers).

This was actually the second time I’d worked on a tarot anthology and gotten The Lovers card- the co-editor, Iris Jay, also ran a goofier zine focused around the tarot a little while back. Glad to have the chance to tackle this in a more serious light. :B (Though now that it’s been a year, I can see all the faults in my art… Ah, anthologies.)

The full comic and the card illustration are below the cut.

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