6.20.18 WIP

Finally got the chance to add an iPad to our studio toolbox! Super excited to not be trapped inside during the summer this year during once of the most deadline heavy seasons. ✨

Busted this out in about 30min, finished version will be up for subscribers/patrons in the near future. bit.ly/nerosketchblog


I recently started an Apocalypse World campaign with some local friends! I’m working on a Belgian Hare “skinner”-class character (Nils “Nasty” Rodriguez) that’s mostly prosthetic, with said prosthetics designed to look like blue/white floral china. He’s also a ceramics worker.

Our group also consists of a rogue robot named Rainbow, a doctor made of worms, the future god of Amazon workers, a gorgeous cenobite, and a crab android. So: not the weirdest, necessarily. For now.