Round Bottle Demon Pin – Preorder

If you nabbed a little bottle demon from me during the pin preorder run I did last year, have I got a treat for you! A second, sassier imp has appeared and is now ready for preorders. 2×2″ die struck- same as the long bottle pins, but now in copper!:

Preorders are open until Dec 28th, so there’s plenty of time! This and orders containing this pin will not ship until the preorder period has ended, so keep that in mind.

My new pin preorder is now up! I’ve been wanting to make a die struck pin for a grip, and the bottle demon from one of my inktober pieces seemed like a good fit! $12 + S&H, I can’t guarantee Xmas delivery but it’d be pretty close afterwards!

Preorders are up until the 20th- if you’re feeling thrifty, getting a subscription to my members-only blog also nets you access to the secret 30% off patron-only discount code.


My pins have arrived!! More in-depth photos have been reserved for Kickstarter backers for now, but once fulfillment is over with I’ll be putting these in the shop ASAP.

Backing cards!

The backing cards for my pin set came in today!! I ended up getting the top text in metallic gold since they were on sale at just the right time.