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Hi hi! Newsletter time.

General News

Split Check

Split Check ended on Slipshine back in early February! Five years of consistent updates was no easy feat, but we did it. Updates will be wrapping on the Patreon in the next few months. I’ve talked about it a little bit with patrons as well, but the next comic I’m doing for Slipshine is already in progress (I actually need to ink the rest of the first update this week…)! Hot old trans man polycule nightmare rife with industry drama. It’s gonna be a banger (ha).


The second chapter of Ultraviolents wrapped last week. There’ll be a break of a couple weeks for public readers, but I’ve been doing some extras and will start new pages this week on Patreon. If you’ve been waiting to read all of the chapter in one go, you can now do that! I swear more punching will happen soon. Maybe even before page 200.


I’ve fallen off streaming the past couple months due to some compounding issues (I’m fine!), but I did get to stream in March over on The Cartoonist Co-op’s channel for our 1st anniversary’s events and the 2024 Minicomic Awards. Hoping to get back to streaming over on Picarto again soon though. Maybe even… Tomorrow…? April 10th at 6 pm PT…? I’m writing it down so now I have to do it.


My 2023 introspective went up! Even now I’m remembering things I should’ve added. 

My two cats went to the vet are were very peeved about it. They’re both ancient though (15 and 17!) so it had to happen. The humiliation!

Recent Art

Some things I’ve been liking

Do you like webcomics? I hope so. Here’s some I’ve been thinking about recently.

  • Ingress Adventuring Co – I read this one after streaming with the author during one of the Cartoonist Cooperative’s anniversary streams! I’m a sucker for wizards, so a comic about a reckless post-world-saving professor who wants to go on adventures For Fun And Profit is up my alley. I just wish there was more to read!
  • O Sarilho – Two soldiers are dispatched to pick up a relic from the sky and find something more sentient than they were originally expecting. In a webcomics world dominated by vertical scrolling comics, this horizontally-oriented one is a breath of fresh air. Big fan of this one.
  • Malatona, When It Rains – I’ve been keeping one big eyeball on this artist for a while! Makkine had a piece in the Failure to Launch anthology which I read through while putting together some graphic design elements I do on contract for its publisher. I absolutely love very authentic-feeling, chunky digital art and this author delivers- alongside a very interesting story about tax collectors and local politics. Definitely want more people reading this one.
  • Hello From Halo Head – Long ongoing traumedy about cartoon animals. The art is bonkers. Very much a ‘I can’t read anything until I get caught up on this’ webcomic.
  • Replaceable Parts – This is one of those ‘found entirely on accident’ webcomics I’ve been enjoying- aka clicking around on Cohost’s webcomics tags or on Comicfury until I find something interesting. Vat grown trans clones fight an endless war in a concrete sprawl. Art is very on the crude side, but I’m interested to see where it’s going.
  • The Gloaming – I hadn’t realized that the author of The Squirrel Machine was out there posting his comics online, but he is (TSM is also on Comicfury here)! The Gloaming is his bizarre sprawling adult webcomic epic, and it’s certainly… A ride. I’m not sure how to feel about this one myself but it’s been interesting enough- and certainly gorgeous enough- to keep me reading. Don’t read this one in public.
  • Heart of Keol – Haven’t finished this one yet- I’m 2/3rds of the way through. It’s a Korean-focused fantasy that takes itself relatively seriously, which I appreciate (if I have to read another straight adaptation of someone’s D&D campaign I’m gonna hurl). It’s a little awkward in the beginning but does find its footing (pawing?) as it gets going. It’s also very unusual looking among webcomics- the author deserves an award for 40+ chapters of painted comics, christ.
  • The Priestwife – Continuing my love of weird fantasy and horror! Curses, strange weddings, incredible b&w art- this comic has it all. I like this one quite a bit and is on my shortlist of ones to draw fan art of some day.

See you again in a month or so. Be well! ヽ(・∀・)ノ