@Lexithecow asked: Ranked, what is your favorite to least favorite part of the comic making process?

LEAST FAVORITE: Coloring. I absolutely hate it. There is zero joy for me in picking color pallets, flatting, rendering, etc. So far I’ve managed to make the flat colors look work well, especially when paired with the way I ink, but even getting there is like pulling teeth. Ultraviolents is b&w for my own sanity, haha.

This is definitely a fault of mine I want to work on, but it’s going to take some serious thinking about what would make doing full color comics fun for me. And to be clear- there are many incredible color comics out there that I do like! There’s even pages of Split Check that I think look really great that would definitely be lesser in b&w. I just to find a way to make it fun.

MIDDLE FAVORITE (is that even a phrase): Pencils and thumbs I don’t have a hugely strong opinion on, but they are a great excuse for me to fool around with new brushes/tools since it won’t carry over to the final page.

MOST FAVORITE: This is probably obvious but I love inking!! Especially when I get to add big areas of textured black or dithering. My pencils are extremely rough so I also do a lot of actual drawing at this stage. Super tight sketches don’t really work for me, so while this method takes longer it’s much more fun!

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