Started on this pin-up of Shiro from Voltron after hearing that he’s now canonically gay. Eat it, nerds. :B

You can find the hi-res version and the .psd for this pin-up on my members only blog! Supporting my work monthly is only $5- check it out!


My pins have arrived!! More in-depth photos have been reserved for Kickstarter backers for now, but once fulfillment is over with I’ll be putting these in the shop ASAP.


I recently started an Apocalypse World campaign with some local friends! I’m working on a Belgian Hare “skinner”-class character (Nils “Nasty” Rodriguez) that’s mostly prosthetic, with said prosthetics designed to look like blue/white floral china. He’s also a ceramics worker.

Our group also consists of a rogue robot named Rainbow, a doctor made of worms, the future god of Amazon workers, a gorgeous cenobite, and a crab android. So: not the weirdest, necessarily. For now.

WIP 12.11.17

WIP for a piece I’m looking into having turned into a woven blanket for a local art show (https://seattleerotic.org). Hopefully I’ll have time before the deadline closes? If not I’ll just… hold onto it, I suppose. :B